Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug coverage is included in your medical plan.

Your cost to fill a prescription depends on three things:

  • Which health care plan you are enrolled in
  • The tier your drug is in (generic, preferred brand, non-preferred brand or specialty)
  • Whether you obtain the drug at a retail pharmacy or through mail order

Understanding Prescription Drug Tiers

  • Generic: In most cases, your cost is lowest when you select a drug from this tier. A generic is an affordable and effective alternative to a brand name drug.
  • Preferred brand drugs: Drugs in this tier typically cost more than generics but less than other brand-name drugs because of their preferred status. Preferred brand drugs are chosen for their clinical value and cost-effectiveness.
  • Nonpreferred brand name drugs: Drugs in this tier are covered under the plan but cost more than a preferred brand drug would.

Retail vs. Mail Order Prescriptions

Typically, retail pharmacies are used for filling 30-day prescriptions. However, you may be able to order a 90-day supply of maintenance medications — either at a retail pharmacy or through mail order. 

The advantage to using mail order for 90-day prescriptions is convenience—your prescription is delivered to your door with an auto-refill option. Plus, if you are enrolled in the PPO medical plan, you can receive a discount for using the mail order service!